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Our mission at Make I.T. Work is simple: 

To provide smart, reliable & cost effective solutions to perfect our customer's IT & networking requirements.

With 10+ Years industry experience, we've worked on projects all over the country, providing solutions to some of the most mission-critical applications all the way down to a quaint rural family home trying to work from home for the first time where fast internet is not common place. 

We started out working on computer systems, primarily in the business environment. 

Migrating offices to the cloud, and overseeing large IT deployments and routine upgrades.

We have achieved Apple Product Professional status & Triple-Award Microsoft Technology Certification,

specialising in Networking Fundamentals, Cyber Security & Hardware.

Over the last 3 years we've shifted our primary focus into perfecting the biggest tech elephant in the room,

Slow Internet and Poor WiFi.

In today's ever-adapting world, being able to work, play and connect with one another no matter where we are is of the upmost importance.

We believe that no matter where you call home, you should have access to a fast, secure & reliable connection, something that so often is forgotten about in rural areas of Northern Ireland. 

All of our team are passionate, true technology enthusiasts, that enjoy nothing more than simplifying and resolving computer and network-based problems.

All of our systems are designed with future scalability in mind, meaning that we expect our network installations to stand the test of time, and to support much faster speeds when they become available.

Home security is our latest addition, with great demand from our Rural Broadband & WiFi customers, we have been offering best in class home security systems, all with remote access and artificial intelligence as standard.

Within our first 3 months of deploying these solutions, we have been recognised as a Hikvision Authorised Solutions Partner, being able to work directly with the manufacturer to ensure the best systems are used  



the trust Mercedes Vito in north coast beach northern ireland
the rear of the trusty Vito - thanks to j Robb for the design and apologies we didn't adopt it

Website made with love in Belfast by Make IT Work

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